Time To Relax

Azul Paradise Resort, a private beach resort, is a collection of charming water villas where you can disconnect from the world. Each villa is situated above the blue Caribbean Sea complete with glass floors to view the marine life below. The secluded property consists of miles of white sand beaches and untouched rainforest. This resort offers The Tiki Bar and Grill and the Club House Beach Front Restaurant to enjoy the sunset with a delicious cocktail and unique gastronomic proposal.

Amenities include an outdoor yoga deck overlooking the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea and rooms that deliver unparalleled views and the sound of soothing waves. Accommodations vary from over-the-water bungalows to private villas. Many in our team are born and bred locals that can guide you on nature walks to find sloths, monkeys and waves. The sunsets are incredible and each one is essentially a new picture-perfect postcard every day. We live in harmony with nature and are honored to have welcomed many guests and groups that sing our praises. Our private property has also been featured in national and international press including Brides and Lonely Planet.

What to Expect: Barefoot Luxury You are on your way to Panama. Where the beaches are still untouched and pristine, and where the native Indian Villages co-inside with the tourism. It is our goal to keep “Paradise” as magical as the day we first set foot on the island. What you will find here is rest and relaxation. Bungalows made out of one of the 8 hardest woods in the world, and crafted by amazing local craftsmen, beaches that stretch for miles, and places to explore around every turn. Azul Paradise is eco-friendly barefoot luxury. What does that mean? We plan by weather, watch the tides, harvest our energy from the sun, and collect rain water to supply all of our water. Behind Azul tucked into the Jungle you will find an Indian Village of 800 people, with friendly faces to let you know we are happy you are here. Sloths hanging in the mangroves, monkeys in the trees, and many different types of birds and bugs.

We are a boutique hotel and hidden hideaway.  Our luxury is in our fresh food, escaping the beep of incoming messages, and feeling the sand between your toes. Azul Paradise is the best place to do just that.